One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

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Today any society consumes an unimaginable amount of different products each day. In less developed countries huge amounts of waste rots at the dump sites and damages the environment. But some countries have established efficient recycling policies which decrease the amount of rejected materials. Yet, even under such policies the amount of waste still remains enormous. Some progressive idea-driven entrepreneurs figured out the advantage, and now they are using this waste to earn fortunes. So how do they do it?Recycling garbage and reusable waste management as metal, plastic, old paper products to be reused

Trash into Cash

Scarpshala, India Recycle and Anthill creations are the three startups in India which have begun recreating furniture, house and garden decorations, customized gifts and accessories from waste disposal. They collect different kinds of waste, including but not limited by:

  • Old rubber car tires
  • Glass and plastic bottles
  • Ropes and fabric
  • Metal materials

As a result, these companies turn wasted material into something useful.

The startups have factories that change recyclable materials into beneficial and aesthetic products in different regions around India. These companies have created a number of online portals where customers are able to choose vote for the startups and buy the items produced.

Moreover, these startups make their contribution to charity by creating playgrounds for children. They use trash materials to create swings, sandpits and playground complexes for children who live in poor districts of India.

Other Famous Recycling Startups

One Finnish printing office worker used to collect trash and craft sketchbooks for his own usage. Later he began selling them to his friends and co-workers for humble prices, and that is where the startup idea inspired him.  Today he sells customized notebooks of different color and size to thousands of customers, who appreciate his creativity.

Other companies create clothes from recyclable fabric. There are approximately 400 million tons of cloth and fabric of various kinds which rests on dumping sites. Entrepreneurs purchase the decommissioned cloth to recreate T-shirts, trousers, suits and shoes which are of the same quality as the items shining in the mall window-shops.  Customers see no difference in the quality between the hottest edgy dresses and the ones which are made from recycled fabrics.

All in all, waste disposal and utilization is crucial to preserve our environment. The recycled material can be recreated into something very useful and necessary. This fact was recognized by a few forward-thinking businessmen who managed to establish successful startups and come out on top.

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