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Chico Bag---Reusable Compact Shopping Bag
Chico Bag---Reusable Compact Shopping Bag
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Chico Bag---Reusable Compact Shopping Bag
Reusable Compact Shopping Bag

U.S. oil dependence is expensive. It is also exacerbating the growing crisis in the Middle East; speeding the warming of our planet; increasing oil drilling in sensitive areas; and compromising U.S. national security.

The Reusable Compact Shopping Bag can help!

Reusable shopping bags can save the average American 300 to 700 plastic shopping bags per year, which will save 3 to 7 gallons of crude oil.

It adds up, the population of Chico, CA (100,000 People) can save up to 14,000 barrels of oil per year.

Use your Reusable compact shopping bags:

…to lessen America’s dependence on foreign oil.

…to create the possibility of peace and security.

…to reduce the waste of a precious natural resource.

…to reduce pollution. reduce wind-blown litter.

…to help eliminate unnecessary waste.

…to actively acknowledge our personal impact on the Earth.

…to take action and be a role model.

Reusable shopping bags fit easily into your pocket, glove box or purse.

1-year Limited Warranty Ultra-Lightweight Easily fits in your pocket, purse or glove box. Made of strong and washable nylon. Folds into an integrated pouch with hook for your keychain, belt loop or backpack.