Environmental conditions affect human health to a much greater extent, and there is no doubt about it. The factors featuring the air quality to the roads you love to drive, all affect your health. 


Moreover, professionals worldwide work to know how the environment affects human health and what measures need to be taken to eliminate its effects on human health. Here in this article, we will see in detail the factors affecting human health.

Factors affecting human health

Safety from chemicals

Various chemicals affect human health differently. If you get exposed to dangerous substances, it will have a severe effect on your health. Generally, chemical safety relates to minimizing the effects of such substances on humans. It is a profound thing to consider nowadays. 


What about air pollution

The most crucial factor that affects human health includes air pollution. Industries all over the world are releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, making it harsh for people. Moreover, this condition is not reliable for people and causes severe diseases like asthma, lung diseases, and much more. 


Microbe diseases

Well, the other common factor you will see affecting human health is the microbe diseases worldwide. The pathogens have a high impact on people disturbing their health and the bacteria in the air because breathing problems to people too.


Poor class of water

Water quality is causing adverse effects on human health nowadays. Pure water is not available, allowing people to drink unreliable water, get various illnesses like diarrhea, etc. Proper and effective water quality will allow people to live a healthy life without any harmful effects. 



The environment is something incredibly crucial when it comes to human health. It is continuously affecting human health if it lacks purity. Here in this article, we have explained the most accessible environmental factors causing an effect on human health.